Real Opportunity with Real Returns Backed by Real Estate.

For Everyone, Guaranteed.

At BigFundr, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve higher investment returns in the safest possible manner. We do this by lending on real estate loans and securitising these loans such that you, our retail investor, can invest in these loans from as little as $1,000 and achieve the same rate of returns as someone investing $200,000.

To make it even safer, we have partnered Maxi-Cash*, an SGX-listed company to guarantee the principal and interest on your loans so there is no chance of delay or default on your investments.

The BigFundr Team

Our Promise

Taking Care Of Your Interest Is Our Business

Whether you are a savvy investor diversifying your assets, planning ahead for your retirement, or just starting your investment journey, you can rely on our team’s extensive real estate experience and stringent investment process to source for superior real estate-backed Deals.

Low Risk Investment

All our loans have real estate as collateral. BigFundr has the first legal charge on the real estate.

Exceptional Support

From onboarding assistance to ongoing support, our dedicated team is committed to addressing investor queries and ensuring a seamless experience.

Backed By Maxi-Cash

Maxi-Cash* backs all of BigFundr's Deals with a 100% guarantee to facilitate punctual repayment of monies to our investors in the case of borrower default.

Our Business

Easy And Low-Risk Real Estate-Backed Investments For All

BigFundr is a leading investment platform that specialises in low-risk property loan Deals.

Our primary focus is on locations such as Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Singapore where we have extensive real estate investment and management capabilities.

We connect real estate developers seeking short-term funding needs with investors who wish to tap opportunities in real estate investments. These needs are packaged into loan notes and are fully collateralised by real estate assets. In return for investing in these notes, you will receive regular fixed interest payments higher than traditional bonds, fixed deposits, CPF savings or other low-risk fixed income instruments.

Here's Why 2 Out Of 3 BigFundr's Customers Are Referred.

We have a strong support system which goes out of our way to help our customers achieve a better experience both online and offline.

"I just started investing with BigFundr and I would like to say that it is a very good place where I could get a guaranteed source of passive income. The guaranteed returns are also good and you could start with a sum as small as $1,000."

Marcus Lim

Google Review

"Have started investing from the first day they launched. They provide good service and keep me updated whenever there are any changes. Will recommend this platform to my friends."

Cindy Lim

Google Review

"Highly recommend for people like me who may have some small money on hand and would like to invest for a shorter period of time!"

Michelle Yi

Google Review

"One of the best rates in town and capital guaranteed. They offer various term durations, so it is easy to plan for one's needs. More importantly, they are licensed & regulated by MAS."

Alistar Yap

Google Review

"The platform is user-friendly and provide easy access to updated information on current investment opportunities. The guaranteed return is better than banks."

W San L

Google Review

"Good form of investment alternative to fixed deposit and it is backed by local established company MaxiCash. Pleasant experience using the portal. Easy to navigate around. Thumbs up!"

Mabel Lim

Google Review

Our Team

The Faces Of BigFundr

Quah Kay Beng | BigFundr
Quah Kay Beng
CEO & Founder

Extensive experience in the real estate investment management industry with more than 25 years of experience globally. Managed assets in excess of US$1 billion.

Wee Chee Minh | BigFundr
Wee Chee Minh
Sales & Marketing

Business leader with almost 30 years of direct/indirect business development in the APAC region.

David Lai | BigFundr
David Lai
Information Technology

Full stack IT veteran, with over 23 years of experience, predominantly in the telecommunication / cloud industry.

Sean Lye | BigFundr
Sean Lye

Experienced finance professional with over 25 years in both external and internal auditing in the banking and finance industry.

Bruce | BigFundr
Bruce Loo
Sales & Operations

Senior leader in the financial industry with over 2 decades helming key leadership positions in Consumer Banking and client relations.

Poh Keng Seng | BigFundr
Poh Keng Seng
Business Development

Seasoned financial leader with 20 years of experience, driving revenue growth through effective team management and clientele relationships.

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