The Best Short-Term Investment In Singapore

Looking for attractive, low-risk and short-term investment opportunities? Our latest capital-protected real estate Deals offer interest rates exceeding 6%* nett per annum. Don’t miss out on them!
(*as of December 2023 as interest rates may vary due to market conditions)

How BigFundr's Short-Term Investments Work?

Here’s how BigFundr safeguards your real estate-backed investments and guarantees your capital and interest. We evaluate countless property-backed loans monthly and only the best Deals clear our stringent credit assessment criteria. These include Borrower's creditworthiness, location, development type and tenure. After these Deals have cleared our credit assessment, we then list them on our platform for you to invest in.

Step 1

Deal Selection

Our Deals, i.e., real estate-backed loans are sourced from developed countries like Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK).

Step 2

Rigorous Assessment

These loans have to pass through stringent evaluation by both the credit committees of BigFundr and Maxi-Cash* before they are listed as Deals on our platform.

Step 3

Investment Decision

Each Deal listed on our platform is accompanied by a comprehensive factsheet. You have full transparency to decide if the Deal is aligned with your investment objectives.

Step 4

Secure Investment

Once you decide to invest in a Deal, you can then transfer your funds to a DBS bank account managed by an independent cash administrator. Your funds will be held securely by this independent cash administrator and will only be disbursed to fund the project after all contractual requirements are adhered to.

Why BigFundr Is the Best Fixed Returns Investment Opportunity In Singapore

Our Deals, which are secured loan notes available on our platform for you to invest in, present short-term investment opportunities with interest rates typically exceeding 6%* nett per annum, providing an attractive opportunity to maximise your investment returns. The short time frame makes this an attractive option for investors.
*as of December 2023 as interest rates may vary due to market conditions.

Guaranteed Principal & Interest

Your invested capital and the interest you earn are guaranteed by SGX-listed Maxi-Cash* through a legally-binding contract.

Real Estate as Collateral

Our unique approach ensures that every loan we offer is backed by real estate as collateral.

Capital Protection

Every loan has to undergo rigorous and stringent assessments before it is made available on our platform.

Fixed Returns

Experience consistent and reliable returns with monthly interest payments, accelerating the growth of your funds while providing a secure investment environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are short-term investments?

Short-term investments are often chosen by investors who want to access their money quickly, or wish to get a better returns on their investments compared to traditional savings or fixed deposits.

BigFundr’s loan notes are typically between 6 and 18 months.

What are the best short-term investments available?

Thinking about where to invest your money for the short term? Here are some options.

1) Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)
are a type of government bond issued by the Singapore government. They are considered to be a very safe investment, and offer yields of around 2% to 3% per annum.

2) Singapore Government Treasury Bills (T-bills) are a type of short-term government debt security issued at a discount to its face value. T-bills typically offer yields that are slightly higher than Fixed Deposits, but they are usually offered for fixed tenures of 6 months and 1 year.

3) Singapore Government Securities (SGS) are a type of government debt security issued by the Singapore government. SGS bonds pay a fixed rate of interest and mature between 2 and 50 years. Although SGS bonds cannot be redeemed early, they can be traded on the secondary market.

4) Fixed Deposits (FDs) are a type of savings account that offers a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time, typically 12 months or more. FDs offer higher interest rates than savings accounts, but one may incur a penalty if the money is withdrawn early.

5) Money Market Funds are a type of mutual funds that invest in high-quality and short-term debt securities. Money Market Funds typically offer yields that are higher than savings accounts, but they are more risky than Fixed Deposits.

6) Property-Backed Lending is a type of investment where investors lend money to property developers in exchange for a fixed interest rate and a repayment of the principal amount over a specified period of time. The property that is being financed acts as collateral, hence the investor will be repaid even if the borrower defaults. BigFundr offers such investment options.

What are the benefits of short-term investments in property-backed lending?

There are several benefits to short-term investments in property-backed lending, including:

1. Higher Returns
Property-backed lending typically offers higher returns than traditional savings accounts.

2. Diversification
Property-backed lending is a form of investment in property loans. Investors can diversify their investment portfolio by investing in various property loans and reaping fixed returns without owning a physical property.

3. Security
Property-backed lending is secured by real estate as collateral. The real estate is the asset that is pledged as security for the property loan.

What are the risks of short-term investments in property-backed lending?

There are also some risks associated with short-term investments in property-backed lending, including:

1. Lack of Liquidity
Property-backed lending can be illiquid, so it may be difficult to sell your investments if you need to access your money quickly.

The loan notes issued by BigFundr only need to be held for a short period ranging from 6 to 18 months. With a minimum investment amount of only S$1,000, you can choose how much you want to invest and how long for.

2. Default Risk
The Borrower may default on the loan, which could result in a loss for the investor.

In the event of borrower default, our strategic partner and shareholder, Maxi-Cash*, will immediately step in to facilitate punctual repayment of monies to our investors.

BigFundr / Maxi-Cash* will then proceed to recover the funds thereafter by exercising our first legal charge on the real estate, seeking recourse from the Borrower to recover the loan, and exercising the buy-back provision from the Fund Management Companies.

3. Market Volatility
If property prices go down more than the value of the developer’s equity, then the project may become economically unviable. In such instances, the developer may default on their loan.

At BigFundr, we typically lend on a maximum of 70% on the value of the loan, and require a developer’s personal guarantee. This provides a buffer against such market volatility.

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