Be our BigFundr
Share the benefits of investing with BigFundr with your friends and
family, and get rewarded!
Earn up to S$400 for each successful referral.
How to get rewarded?
Sign-up Reward
Reward #1 - Share your unique referral code with your friends and family. Both you and your friend will each receive S$10 from us when your friend creates an account with us using your referral code. The referral fees will be credited into your respective BigFundr accounts by the following month.
Investment Reward
Reward #2 - You stand to earn S$50 to S$400 depending on the amount of your friend’s first investment with BigFundr.
Refer A Friend Programme
Friend’s successful sign-up with BigFundr Your Reward
Your friend gets S$ 10 You get S$ 10
Friend's first investment with BigFundr Your Reward
S$ 5,000 - S$ 49,999 S$ 50
S$ 50,000 - S$ 99,999 S$ 100
S$ 100,000 - S$ 199,999 S$ 200
S$ 200,000 and above S$ 400

For referral rewards involving Accredited / Institutional Investors (AI/II)* (only applicable to AI/II Deals, subject to a minimum investment amount of S$200,000), kindly contact us at [email protected].

Terms & Conditions
  • The referee must be a new BigFundr user.
  • Only 1 referral code can be used per new user.
  • The referee must provide the referrer’s unique referral code when he / she signs up with BigFundr.
  • The referee must successfully invest a minimum amount of S$5,000 in a BigFundr Deal for the referrer to qualify for Reward #2.
  • The referral fee for Reward#2 will only be credited into the referrer's BigFundr account after the investment has officially started, within 5 business days after the investment start date.
  • Referral code cannot be used in conjunction with other sign up promotions.
  • At its discretion, BigFundr reserves the right to adjust all the ‘Refer A Friend’ programme parameters.
  • BigFundr reserves the right to suspend or terminate the ‘Refer A Friend’ programme or an existing user’s ability to participate in the programme at any time without notice.