Investors' Connect: Our 1st Edition – Fighting Inflation with BigFundr

Written by
BigFundr Team
Published on
October 8, 2022
January 30, 2024

Date of Event: 8th October 2022

Speakers: Quah Kay Beng (CEO, Co-founder BigFundr Pte Ltd), Meelan Gurung (Senior Director, Aspial Pte Ltd), Boaz Boon (Real Estate Advisory, VestAsia)

Panel Facilitator/Moderator: Boaz Boon (Real Estate Advisory, VestAsia)

Our Very First Investors’ Connect

We held our first ever face to face Investors’ Connect session after the government have lifted COVID restrictions. It was an extremely good turnout considering that this is our first session of the series. This will be a regular event which we will be able to connect with the investors.

Global outlook, Investing with BigFundr

What’s on everyone’s mind on investing during a difficult period where we see the inflation is at record high, our guest speakers Kay Beng, Boaz and Meelan gave us a deep insight on what’s happening and what BigFundr can do to help everyone.

Download our Event Video | Download our Presentation Deck

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